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Here is When You’re Feeling Stuck

July 29, 2015

Travel Alone

THERE’S THAT heavy feeling bothering your chest. There’s that uncontrollable anxiety attacking your mind. There’s that pensive numbness seeping in your veins. I know it’s hard. I know it’s miserable. I know.

I know because I’ve been there, and I still am now. And I don’t feel sorry for you, I never will. I don’t need to feel sorry because feeling sorry is definitively a way of feeling regret, feeling sorrow. And sorrow isn’t welcome now. Don’t be forlorn that you are where you are right now; don’t mourn over your life. Know that there is always a reason behind what you currently have or where you currently are. Know that at the end of the day, it will just pass and tomorrow’s going to be another day, another chance for you to move.

Move. Move your life forward and don’t think of anything. Get lost, find somewhere you’re happy at or something that makes you happy. Don’t think. Just do.

Feel it. Feel whatever sadness, anxiety, and numbness you have today, that makes your world heavier. Carry them, but don’t get stuck on them. Turn them your inspiration in getting up, in standing up. And when you’re up, hold your anchor. Hold those feelings and tell yourself, “I felt you. I won’t forget you. But for now, I have to start a new page in my book where I’m definitely going somewhere. I don’t know that somewhere, but at least, I’m starting to.”

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