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August 1, 2015

Disclaimer: No, this is not and will never be a movie review. I intend to call them a commentary because that’s what I will do – comment about the movie and subjectively tell what I’ve loved/hated about it. Now, go on! Chip chop, off we go on Ant-man!

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Holy shit, what the hell, can you not, I can’t even, what is this, stop, ughhhh, shut up, aw cmon, pleaseeee, wtf, kill him, I hate you. — Those were just SOME of the words that inevitably came out of my mouth during the movie. It was sooooo amazing I hated it (Hahaha. This was just a sarcastic comment that is meant to oppose that line the little girl in the movie said, “It’s soooo ugly I loved it!” – I loved that scene). But no, seriously, to all of you out there who haven’t seen it yet, I’ve got four words for you: GO FREAKING WATCH IT!

First, the cinematography and graphics are MARVELous. Haha. Well, you know Marvel movies are actually so cool, right? That is undeniable. And the plot, yes – the plot, it was excellent for me because I don’t think it was cliché. I kind of expected that Mr. _____ (spoiler respect, I know) would die because that’s what movies are, right? You’d think someone has to die to actually make the viewers feel something, to really hit that switch buttons of the viewers’ pathos. But no, this movie didn’t do that and I liked that. It was like I didn’t want to attach myself to a character in a movie because I know, anytime, he or she can die. But for once, no one left me behind. Thank you, Marvel and 20th Century Fox, thank you!

I watched it kind of late so I’m glad that I still had a chance to see it. There will be no spoilers here, by the way. I intend to respect your wanting for suspense as a viewer. However, I just like to tell the scenes that I loved and the scenes that almost (sooo almost!) made me cry. Also, I will be wrapping up with the things from the movie I have taken with me when I went out of the cinema.

Also, that thing about Ant-man being a father who wants to prove himself as a better father for his daughter shot me right in the chest. Wow, this hit me so hard! Look, he was desperate to see his daughter and make her believe that he’s “the hero she already thinks [he is]”. He made bad choices but those were just because he terribly wanted to be get back to his little girl and be a great father for her. And boy, that turned on the “tear-jerk” button on my eyes!

Now, I do want to apply this, too, to all those criminals, prisoners, or so-called “bad guys” out there who had a back story just like this one. We may sometimes forget that every one of us has a good side and that, sometimes, all we need is a second or third or screw it, chances with an S to make ourselves better and “redeem ourselves” as the movie said.

Finally, this movie was so humorous and you’d know that they weren’t just shallow jokes because everyone in the cinema was crackling on the scenes. That was so nice of you, Marvel! To make me freak out and breathe hardly on those breathtaking scenes but still, make me laugh. I owe you that one! (Especially that “messed up little dog” part. Oh, that damned part made me laugh so hard. HAHA.)

It was such an amazing movie, and I’m glad I watched it with my Mom. We also went with my godfather who paid for the movie tickets. So, what’s better than a free movie, right? Kidding. Haha. Have a great day!

Love from your Marvel-movies-fan,

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