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August 1, 2015
aztec + stripes

aztec + stripes

My loves, you all have the right to know that I am not that typical blogger who blogs about her dresses and fashion and style and accessories and whatever and so on. I am just a girl who loves fashion as much as these people do but maybe, just maybe, fashion does not completely love me back. HAHA! Rude.

Well, guess what, today, I tried to do a fashion statement that would prove my endless love to fashion and I think, maybe, fashion did love me back at least today.

As you have seen in my picture above, I wore this gorgeous aztec skirt that I’ve bought for only Php300 ($6.5, can you believe that?!) in SM. And without meaning to, I’ve put on this simple plain grayish sleeveless shirt and a striped cardigan! Yes, I don’t intend to further this blog post since I think, I’m talking nonsensical basic terms when in fact, there are fashion terms for these clothes. HEHE.

But oh well, my main point is that you could be brave in matching the clothes on your closet – even the most simple of them. You could add up some bold accessories or wear your statement combat boots (like I did 😁) and voila! You got your own fashionista #ootd! Hahaha. Sorry, I got to waste your time in this post but I hope you do get my point.

Thanks for reading!

From your fashionista guide,
From your friend,

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