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August 4, 2015
You couldn't see the tears forming in my eyes because of utter joy! Hehe.

You couldn’t see the tears forming in my eyes because of utter joy! Hehe.

I was looking for this poster for what seemed like ages and finally, I saw one on Calvin Klein Jeans boutique in Trinoma, Manila last Sunday. IT’S MY BABY!

The moment I saw it – pardon my exaggerated words that aren’t exaggerated at all – I immediately ran to it and almost screamed at the top of my lungs (ALMOST because I kind of contained myself). But imagine what it’d be like when it’s already Justin, IRL! I would probably collapse right then and there. HAHAHA!

I was just hanging around in the mall with my cousins and they were guys so I’d understand if they couldn’t relate to my fangirling. However, I made one of them take pictures of me as I happily smile with a grin that could probably stretch into the heavens above. Kidding. I was just so happy! Also, for that night as my cousins and I walked around the mall, I was wearing a plain white sleeveless shirt that I tucked in on my shorts. I also added some nice checkered blouse that an Aunt of mine gave to me. In addition, of course, it might be overused but I will not get tired of using these Rusty Lopez combat boots of mine. My style was never that extraordinary but guess what, for me, that “extra” is just an add-on. Even how simple you look, you have a lot of ways to stand out!

My cousins (Kuya’s as we call them in Filipino) and I had so much fun and we also ate in Burger King. After our dinner, my stomach was almost bursting I could feel it explode in any minute.

Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful life!

Yours with love as always,


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