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August 22, 2015

Disclaimer: If you are looking for a professional fashion blogger then you are definitely on the wrong site. I, however, am just doing what I love which is to mix-and-match some things on my closet. This site is not as typical as you thought it would be. Enjoy reading!

One super bright day, a girl named Myrra thought it would be cool to wear some black for the day. And so she did. She knew that the black shirt is too BIG for her so she definitely decided to tuck it in her jeans shorts. And then, with a sudden surge of a triumphant idea like a eureka, she went to wear her black combat boots, that is OBVIOUSLY her favorite and is rarely used in her going to her classes.

Then she went and conquered the day with a bright smile opposite as her theme for the day. The end.

JOKE. I was just telling you a story that, I think, will make you realize that I don’t really care much about what I’m going to wear for the day. Unless…. there’s something special happening on that day, which of course implies that there’s something memorable that occurred on the day that I wore this.

But as honest I am to all you, guys, I’m definitely going to tell you that that day was CRUSH day. (Hehe!) And you know when you have that crush, and you think, “Will I look good enough for him?” Well, yes, that happened to me. So EUREKA!!! I thought of wearing this combo that I loved.

Also, I would like to inform you that I have other shoes and sandals, too. Hahaha. If you had a chance to read my previous blog posts, you’d see that all I’m always wearing is this pair of black Rusty Lopez combat boots. But hey, it’s my fave! So same boots, don’t care. Haha!

Anyways, thank you for taking time to read this. It meant the world to me.

Love lots,

Myrra 2

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