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That Thing Called DEVC30

November 22, 2015

Disclaimer: This post is a fulfillment of our second (take-home) exam in DEVC 30 (Fundamentals of Community Broadcasting). This subject has definitely been so fun, insightful, and memorable. The activities also showcased our best in radio broadcasting – from writing the scripts to producing the segments and finally, to the actual broadcasting. I also have our professor, Sir Mark Lester Chico, to thank for without him, this subject probably happened the other way around – no laughs, memories, and excitements to treasure. (Hi, Sir! I tried my best to be as witty and funny as you are, but you sure as heck are unbeatable! See you in our future DEVC subjects, probably? Hehe. Thanks, Sir 🙂 )

Things I Actually Learned from the Class

1. The radio is one helluva media to use. Its impact to people can never be underestimated.



2. Consecutively, it’s not just made to merely entertain and inform, but also to empower.



3. Broadcasting has a long story to tell in its history. But one of the biggest tragedies it took part in is the catastrophic Titanic event in 1912.



4. It doesn’t matter what program you are producing or what segment you are making, there is just one important rule to remember: Always, always, always KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE.



5. Finally, you must never forget to show rather than tell.




Reflections as a Community Broadcasting Practitioner

6. Community Broadcasting is never as simple as ABCs.



7. But ComBroad is totally worth the sweat, the tears, and the effort.



8. It is kind of liberating when you are in front of that mic speaking for the people. You can get lost in your words and I swear, it’s that beautiful type of losing yourself.

giphy-41 (1)


9. When you are a ComBroad practitioner or a broadcaster, you have the power of influencing people’s decisions, people’s lives. And it is in your hands to use that power for the better.




Lesson in Life/Love that I’ve learned from my Professor (Sir Chico)

10. From him being an amazing prof to a cool host to a talented broadcaster to an ingenious director and to a great future father – you name it, there’s only one thing Sir Chico made me realize: You can be anything if you set your mind to it and if you have the determination and passion to be something great.


Andddd… that’s a wrap for DEVC 30! Yay!


Proud Devcom student,


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