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The Sem's Over!

December 17, 2015

Disclaimer: It’s too late an update about the end of my semester since it ended Monday last week. But hey, nothing’s ever too late, right?


After what seemed like an endless torture physically, mentally, and even emotionally (yes, do not judge me. I cried twice over acads this semester), I can finally scream: “IT IS FINALLY OVER!” *flips table and rips papers* First semester, Academic Year 2015-2016 IS FINALLY OVER. DO NOT TOUCH ME. I AM INVINCIBLE.

But seriously though, I could be the happiest person alive because this is the time I’ve been waiting for to catch up on my sleep, my social media accounts, movies and series I’ve missed, and yes, food. I’ve missed free and unlimited food; by ‘free and unlimited’, I mean food that I’m not obliged to pay for from my weekly allowance. Oh how delicious it is when you know it’s not your money you’re paying for it! Haha!

Also, my Mom gave me the best rewards for topping two of my exams and actually finishing the semester. We ate in one of the best restaurants in Los Baños named Dalcielo. In addition, she let me stay in the hotel she was staying at for a seminar which is the Brentwood Suites. I swear, I had an amazing time there even though, I basically just lied down the bed all-day tweeting and Facebooking. Hahaha! I had a great experience of burning calories in their private gym as well.


Since the last day of the semester to the time I went back to our home in Manila, I wore some of my favourite #ootd’s, too! Here they are. 🙂


And to the most beautiful woman in the world for me and to the best mother anyone could ever have, thank you for being such an amazing Mom. I couldn’t have ever asked for anyone else to be my Mom. Everything I did and achieved this semester is for you and for the Lord, of course. Without you, life would be nothing but a meaningless existence. I love you, Mom!

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The reason I am alive, the reason I keep on living.


Thank you so much for reading another (senseless) post of mine, my love! Either you are in college or high school or, simply, in school, I want to remind you how lucky you are for being privileged enough of education. Please do not waste this opportunity. A lot of children or people out there would do anything to be in your position.

If you are having a hard time in your acads as well, I survived mine and you will, too! I remember one quote I’ve always kept in mind: “These times are hard but they will pass.” Indeed, time would swallow every little thing from these moments, love. There’s not much time to waste a second in this clock of life. It is ticking, my love, and it would never stop. So please please please, make every tick of it worth living and worth remembering.


Your study buddy,


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