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May 3, 2016

Disclaimer: You may find this a bit odd because I am talking about theories and stuff but sometimes, we just need to be a little more intellectual about things *winks*. But I swear, this is an #ootd post though. Hahaha!


In one of the major subjects that I am taking this semester in studying Development Communication, we have been learning about communication theories. And in the past few weeks, we have zoomed in on the Semiotics tradition wherein signs and symbols are seen as relevant. And in this tradition, we have talked about Jean Baudrillard’s the Death of the Real. This is where the topic of hyperreality comes in.

The information was kind of overwhelming and mind-blowing that my friend and I found ourselves questioning our existence right after we got out of the class. (See how powerful theories can be?) Baudrillard stated that in our current generation, the simulation of the real becomes more real than what is actually real. This is a bit confusing, I know, but you see, today, the fake is already treated as real.

This is how my professor explained it. You know those commercials of perfect families who seem to have no problems at all? People are starting to see them as who they are in television but we forget that in the actual world, they are mere families themselves who argue in the simplest things and who, sometimes, mess up as well. Because we are too cuaght up in their perfect image, if we’d see them fighting or arguing personally, we’d be absolutely shocked, right? Another example is this. Look at your Facebook or Instagram posts and analyze them all. You see, those images of posts of yours are only a simulation of the person you are.Β Are they really who you are for REAL? I bet not. That’s the YOU you choose to let other people see, but perhaps, in the real world, you are just this shy girl who finds it hard even to make friends. (Raise your hand if you are because saaaame! Lmao)

But look, this is perhaps an inevitable phenomenon as the world, and even the reality, is evolving with technology through time. It is okay, I guess. But at some point, with this blog post, I want to remind you to stay true to who you are. I don’t mean stop posting stuff on social media or whatever but all I’m saying is don’t get yourself drowned up by the world that you start forgetting who you are and become someone who is structured and formed only by society. You are a human, my love, and we are given our right to live our lives as we want it to be. We are not robots or AIs who are trained to do their every move to please the ones who are controlling them. Don’t let the world run you; you are, in the first place, one hell of a perfection even if the world doesn’t even see that yet.

This is the hyperreal me, by the way! Just trying to be a casual photographer when in fact, I don’t even know much about photography. Hahaha. I tucked my black shirt in my shorts and paired them with my fave combat boots. I also wore this fabulous leather pouch bag and my sunnies.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Can you believe it’s my 12-year-old cousin taking this photos of me?

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Β Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
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Β Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Keep on being YOU, my love!


Yours with love (this is real, okay, i really do love my readers lol),


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