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I'm Back!

June 4, 2016

Finally, finally, finally!

I really have missed the blogging world. The month of May has been a remarkable one with a lot of memories for me to keep. I met two of my favorite spoken word poets. I attended a color rave fandom party where all fandoms united and danced and sang together. Unfortunately, I looked like an avatar in this party. Haha! I also had the chance to had one of my favorites books signed by one of my favorite authors. I also had the best vacation and post-birthday celebration with my bestfriends as we traveled the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio!

Meanwhile, I was also preoccupied with numerous all-nighters and restless days due to seemingly endless exams and projects and requirements. I’d had my first oral exam in college and even though I kind of messed it up, at least I survived it. I had an epic mistake on a very important exam when five minutes before it started, I realized that I forgot the ID, which we were required to bring, in my dorm. Instead, I brought my ID cord! So I ran all the way to my dormitory and back to the exam hall – there were no vehicles available – with the speed of light.

I’ve had a lot more up’s and down’s and May passed too long for me. Anyway, it was worth it. And some of those memories, I will share to you here in the blog. So stay tuned, loves! I’m going to be posting in the days to follow. (Please pray for a good internet connection lol).

I love you guys and you’re the best!

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