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Spoken Word Poetry Night

June 9, 2016

Disclaimer: I’m so sorry I have just posted today. As I have said in my previous post, our internet at home is kind of messed up. Anyways, what’s important is I’m posting this now. Happy reading, loves! (Featured image: ShutterPanda Photography)

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It happened three weeks before the event. I stumbled upon Sarah Kay’s post on her Facebook page announcing that she and Phil Kaye will be performing in the Philippines. One night in Cebu and one in Manila. Manila! It was so near – screw that, I live here! I NEED to go! My thoughts were running nonstop. I saw the ticket price – it was quite expensive, I must say – and when I told my past roommates who loved them as much as I do, they didn’t want to come. I have two problems – money and company. I have no money and no one to go with. How could I possibly solve that?

Since I saw it on Facebook, I thought why not share it? So I did. Fortunately and thank God this happened, my Dad saw it and said he was willing to pay for me. Thank the heavens! I love my Dad so much. Okay, so now, I just have one more thing to think about: who to go with.

After asking some people who I knew loved spoken word poetry, I gave up. No one wanted to come. So I thought, heck I’d just come alone. So I did.

It was May 7. I got there too early. I was already there at 3:30pm when it was supposed to start at 7pm. It’s okay though; the seats were on a first come, first served basis so it’s okay.

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Sarah Kay’s book!

Thankfully, at 6pm, they had started selling merch outside Villamor Hall in UP Diliman. I bought Sarah Kay’s ‘B’ book for me to have it signed after. But a few minutes after 6, Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye went out the hall! God, I was shaking! I have no one to express my excitement and joy and no one to literally pinch when I just want to let it all out. Hahaha! Sarah and Phil were running around the lines that were now too long and highfive-ing people. When they passed by me, I get to highfive the both of them. (I actually got a video and at the end of it, you could hear me saying MY HEARTTTT) I was freaking out! So tip # 1, it’s a hundred times better when you’d go to events like this with a friend.

Let me just take you back in time. I was in my dorm room with my roommate when she suggested I watch this spoken word poets’ Youtube video. I did. It was When Love Arrives performed by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. I was then a girl who got her heart broken by her longtime love crush and you could imagine the emotions surging within me when I heard this video. It felt like someone was speaking heart-to-heart with me. I had also watched Repetition by Phil Kaye and it was about a broken family. Coming from one, it seemed like Phil was speaking for me, letting the world know that I was not alone. That someone knows the pain. And this was when I started loving spoken word poetry as I do poetry itself.

So even though I was all alone, in between two couples who cannot contain their feelings, I didn’t feel alone after all. With Sarah and Phil performing their amazing pieces in front of me, all my troubles were gone. I was just genuinely and truly happy.

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Sarah and Phil taking a video with their audience (including me!).

Here’s their video posted in Project Voice’s Instagram acc:

Manila is very warm to us. In every sense of the word. ❤️

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It was actually saddening that time had to do its thing and pass ever so  quickly when we didn’t want it to. So after the event, we were given a chance to meet the two #ProjectVOICE poets and have our merch signed by them. We were not allowed to take pictures because there was an assigned photographer and we are going to be grouped in at least four or  five people. I lined up from 9 to 11pm but it was all worth it.

The moment Phil said hi and shook my hand, it came to my mind how dreams really do come true. How at one point, the people you thought you’d never meet are going to be right in front your very eyes. That moment you’ll treasure forever. So I told Phil how his poem inspired me and could really relate to me because I came from a broken family as well. My mind wasn’t completely focused but I could remember him thanking me I asked Sarah if she was tired and she said, “Yes, beyond tired.” But although they were exhausted, they kept smiling. And those smiles made me smile, too. I still had a bit of a conversation with them. And besides having them sign my book, I also had them write their favorite words on my purse (that’s the only thing they could write on that I brought that evening. Hahaha). Phil wrote “Keep watching this” and Sarah wrote the  Czech language for “ice cream”.

It was beyond fun personally meeting them and seeing them perform live. When I first heard them, I really was inspired by how they used words to convey various messages to people and how they create an impact on the people who hear them. I love that. Sooner or later, I hope I can find a job or hobbies that I love and that has purpose. So I thank Sarah and Phil for making me realize how important that would be.

By the way, I have worn my favorite stripes dress to this event. Here are my #ootd shots!

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I look so haggard here but idrc, I’m just so happy after the event. Hahaha!

Thank you for reading, loves. I hope you enjoyed my post!




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