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Fandoms Unite at #UnitedColorsOfSummer2016!

June 21, 2016

I’ve been a fangirl ever since. And I never will regret being one. Perhaps, I will always be one because as they always say, “Once a fangirl, always a fangirl.”

It was Justin Bieber who brought me to this world. It was 2009 when I first saw Justin’s first music video, One Time. Being only an eleven-year-old girl, I was immediately struckΒ by the singer’s charm and voice. From then on, I became his total Belieber – his posters plastered on the walls of my room, the wristbands engraved with his name, his albums and books released, his pictures I always have in my wallet, name it, I probably have them all. I even have his tour guitar picks that my uncle got me from his concert in Dubai. I wasn’t present there but because my uncle works in that arena, he took advantage of the situation and told Justin about me being a Belieber. Justin, with the biggest heart, gave him his guitar picks so he could give it to me and he also signed the top of the drums (I don’t know what that’s called but that’s the only thing my uncle could have him signed at that moment lol). When I received those in his package, my whole family had witnessed what it was like for me to actually hyperventilate. I CANNOT EVEN! HAHAHA!


Anyways, my Belieber life isn’t actually what this post is about. It’s only just an introduction. Because, for real, it was actually my fangirl life that led me to this amazing event hosted by Astroplus which was held at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome. It has really been a highlight of my fangirl life since I still have yet to meet and see Justin live.

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There is not much to say except this color rave fandom party was totally a blast! My friend, Karla, and I are supposed to go to Day 2 but because it was also the same day our favorite author is going to have her booksigning here, we traded our tickets for Day 1. Shoutout to Thai La Belle for having the biggest heart to trade tix with us! 😊

So yeah… When we entered the dome, Karla and I were stunned because there really was a lot of people. It felt great to be with the people who aren’t going to judge you just because you “obsess and scream over celebs” and “always sing your heart out whenever that singer’s songs are on”. Everyone was screaming and jumping with the beats of the song and the program’s not even starting yet. It somehow felt liberating because I was home – there, I was right in the fangirl world.

Selfies just before we got our faces covered with powder!

The program started and then, bam, it was so much fun! A lot of its parts was allotted to raffles and me silently praying to God and all the heavens to please give me the chance to have that poster/merch/standie/etc. But I never did. It’s all good! It was still way exciting to be sad!

Until this epic part…

When the time came that we have to get our powders out to start the color rave, Karla and I enthusiastically participated. We had a countdown and then boom, colors are everywhere! Literally! It was utter euphoria. The event aimed for the people to be at their “natural high” and truly, we were. It was indeed an amazing feeling!

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Dancing, screaming, singing – that’s what Karla and I were doing. But also, we were throwing powders upward and then suddenly, this happened to me!


I just threw a pack of blue powder all over my freaking face. I literally looked like an avatar! That’s quite the achievement though. Hey, James Cameron, mind casting me in Avatar 2?Β 😂

All along, I thought it was a person in front of me or at my back but when I checked the videos I took when I got home, I realized it was just really me! How funny could that get?! Hahaha!


It was a struggle getting it off my face but I kind of succeeded (though not that much lol). My hair and eyebrows were still blue-covered but I didn’t mind; the more powder on you, the more you have fun! But, kids, I warn you though, this powder is not a joke. Hahaha!

Also in the party was the Palm Avenue band whose one member Karla and I had a crush on. Hahaha! They were great though! Check out their music here!


Here are some other pictures that totally resonates our happiness and hype!

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And here’s me taking a picture with the Filipino Belieber tarpaulin! I would have loved to have a pic with some of the other members of this fam but I missed them, they were not in the venue anymore. πŸ™

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Now look at the aftermath! Haha!


So there you have it, loves – my United Colors of Summer 2016 experience. Thanks to all who made it possible! Here’s to more memories!





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