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13 Perks of Traveling with your Best Friends

July 10, 2016

I turned 18 last March and as I have said in my birthday travel post, I traded what was supposed to be my debut celebration to trips and travels with the people I love the most. First, just weeks before my birthday, I went to Enchanted Kingdom, a known theme park here in the Philippines, with my high school batchmates and closest friends who are going to the same university as me. Then, on the week of my birthday, my Mom and I, with my uncle and his nephew, traveled to the northern part of the Philippines as I have included in the said travel post. Finally, the last part of my 18th birthday celebration took place months after the exact date of my birthday (can you believe that?).

Last May 30-June 1, I traveled to Baguio with some of the best people I have in my life – my best friends. Six years ago, we were merely strangers who had the same class section. But after all the after-class hangouts, the chitchats and deep talks, the foodtrips we had together, the fangirling moments, and the interests we’ve shared, our bond has grown stronger through time. Now, even if we’re on our different paths and going to different colleges, we still manage to overcome the distances and that, I am very proud of.

Unfortunately, Julie, once of my best friends, were not able to go with me, Kate, and Fay because of some issues. There was also some financial stuff thrown at us just a week before the trip. We almost cancelled it – the dream of travelling somewhere with only us, best friends. But what do they always say when you really want something? You fight for it, you push for it. After all, if there’s a will, there’s a way, right?

I’ve always told my best friends that. Fortunately, God had his own ways of making our dream come true. The next thing I know, the three of us were in the bus going to Baguio! No tour guides, parents, or anything that might hold us back – we were free, limitless, and independent! And we’re on our way to satisfy our wanderlust selves!

So without further ado, here are the good sides or perks of travelling with your BFFs!

1. You own your time.

Session road jam with two of my best friends, Fay (left) and Kate (right).


Time is almost always the hardest thing to beat. But when you’re travelling with your best friends, you can just decide where to go without even – or at least not much – considering your schedule or itinerary. Besides, what’s a few detours compared to living life to the fullest, right?

2. You are free to do anything you like or go wherever you want.


This is somehow complimenting to #1 since when you have your own time, you are free to try to go to new places and do the things you perhaps want to cross off your bucket list. If you are that type of adventurous person, then travelling with your best friends is a sure recommendation from me. You get to have someone behind your back to support you in whatever you want to do or accompany you wherever you want to go.

Also, travelling only with them feels somehow liberating. Why? You’d feel independent and mature enough to take care of yourselves. In that span of time, it would also seem like you and your best friends are just living in a new city and conquering the world together. This is not to say, however, that you are already allowed to do inappropriate and careless things. Because you’re travelling alone with them, each of you still has to be responsible of your actions and be concerned with each other.

3. You can wear #ootd’s together.


This always goes with travelling with your best friends. Although yes, you may dress however you want to but this perk is clearly an amazing thing. You get to wear fabulous outfits and imagine the streets like each of you are VS models slaying the runway. Isn’t that kind of cool?

But this item number also leads us to…

4. You have your official photographer/s with you.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetimg_0884img_1334

Travelling with your bffs also ensures that wherever, whenever, you have someone to shoot your travel pictures and #ootd’s. This is an ultra nice perk because your photos are what remain as your keepsakes after your trip. Might as well make them look good and take them with the best people, right?

Lucky for me, Kate, one of my best friends, is a photojournalist. So I was pretty sure my photos were all beautifully shot! 😁

5. You can only pay for one room and trust me, it saves a lot.

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One second I was just talking to them, and then the next, they’re asleep!


Now that is a mess. But see that bigger bed on the left? That’s the only bed my bestfriends and I occupied during our two-night stay in Baguio. We had pretty much claimed ourselves to be clingy on each other that we had decided for the other bed to just be a repository of our things. But I swear, it’s a pretty great idea. As the one assigned of paying the accommodation fees, I saved a lot, and I mean, A LOT.

6. You will never be bored.

This is us waiting for an available room in the karaoke stalls. And hey, there literally is no boredom at all.


See how crazy we are? *sings “we’re sexy and we know it”*

Tell me, when has it ever been boring when you’re with your best friends? The craziest, loudest, and most amazing people you’ve ever met? You have all the stories to tell and things to do with each other that time will either stop or pass by quick for you. Time may perhaps never slow or if it will, it’s because your best friends are probably just in the loo and are shortly not available for you.

7. You can go hunting for cute boys together.


Baguio is a great place to be, especially when you’re looking for adorable guys to be “kilig” about. Hihihi. (And in Starbucks, we do it [cute-boy-hunting] just right. Hahaha!)

Ooh la la, nice perk isn’t it? You point to that cute guy over there saying “oh he’s adorable!” without anyone judging you. Your best friends know what it’s like to crush on some cute guy passing by, dreading he won’t ever be yours, and afterwards, forgetting what his face even looked like. It’s a fun thing! But hey, be careful, maybe that guy’s supposed to be your forever already but you have only let him pass.

8. You can have foodtrips all you want.



snapchat: myrrazenkate

Oh gahd, this may just be the most amazing yet the most dreadful part of the trip. If you’re just like us, it would have taken you 30 minutes to an hour of roaming around the streets just to decide where to finally eat. You ask, “where to eat?” and the answer’s always “it’s up to you” and the next thing you know, minutes has passed and you still don’t have a resto.

But take that aside and this may just be one of the best perks of your travelling with your best friends. Imagine eating almost like you haven’t eaten in days just because the food’s so delicious and not having someone judge you for eating so much. You see, your best friends understand that food is food and it’s really just one of the greatest things in the world and when you have them, you might as well savor every piece of it.

9. Your first-time experiences will definitely be more special.

First time to taste strawberry taho!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

And it tastes so good!

Your first’s are definitely remarkable moments that should be treasured in your life but experiencing them with your best friends makes it even more remarkable. And trust me, these times are sure to go a long way in your memories.

10. You automatically have a shoulder to serve as a pillow on your trips or busrides.

I swear, it’s one of the best feelings in the world – crossing out something on your bucket list 🙂

Isn’t this just something we need in our travels? A person who could serve as our pillow or sometimes, even a shoulder to cry on? Well, there you go. Just bring your best friend/s with you and you automatically have them!

11. You have someone to help you with your luggage.


Besides serving as your pillow, they can also help you with the things you carry. Travel light it is, yes, but after a trip where you have just bought numerous souvenirs and memorabilia, nah, it won’t ever be as light as it is before you got in your destination. A friendly hand is indeed necessary!

12. You will save more money.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Save money and still, have a lot of fun!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Paying for this 30-minute boat ride only cost each of us Php 67.00 ($1.5) all because we had each other!

Clearly, this one’s the second greatest perk of traveling with your bffs/squad. Sometimes, it’s only budget you’re problematic of when it comes to your trips but when you’re going with them, a huge amount of money could be divided into parts. Some thousand pesos could turn to just hundreds. So why not go with them already, aye?
And lastly,

13. Your memories will be much more unforgettable and will leave you wanting for more.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

It’s the fourth time I’ve been to Baguio but I’ve only ever tried biking through Burnham Park because of them; and I loved every single moment of it (including my fall lol)!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Laughter and smiles are the most genuine when I’m with them. Thank God I have my best friends!

After everything that’s said and done, we’ve come now to the greatest perk of all – the memories. Your best friends are the persons whom you can be crazy, weird, and real with; they are the ones who have accepted you as you are – with all your flaws, ugly laughs, loudest farts (excuse the word lol) or whatever those are. They know you within the peels of yourself that cover the entire you to the world. And because of that, they are the must-be travel buddies in your wandering world. Because of them, priceless and exciting moments in your travel could happen – ones that are sure to be remembered in the days and years to come.


Thank you so much for reading! Go on, then, my loves – travel with your best friends and I’m sure you’ll never regret it.


With all the love,



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    • We had a great time indeed! Thank you for checking out! 🙂

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  • wow, it looks like you had a really good time! I like travelling with friends just for the photos 🙂

    • Hi, love! Yep, indeed, we had a great time! And yes, photos do really look better when you’re with your friends or when they took it. Thanks for reading!