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Tuck It In

July 22, 2016

Sometimes, all you have to do is tuck it in. Just like how I did in this #ootd. I wore it last week when I met with my best friends. And yes, finally, we were complete! It was a long time since we were all reunited, the four of us. As I have posted in this blog post, just two of my three best friends were able to come travel with me to Baguio and also to celebrate my 18th birthday even if it’s really too late (lol).

But that day was a blast! Even if our only available time was lunchtime and an hour or two, it just really feels the best when I’m with my best friends. We had a great time at the Coffee Talk while talking about stuff and laughing on jokes and also mostly being teased and bullied by each other. Hahaha! Here are some snaps of our fun time!

So, now, let’s talk about my outfit. In this little town where I came from, to be honest, people look at you differently when you’re wearing such showy clothing. If was a relief in some ways that I only had to stay there for two weeks as vacation because I only had packed some shorts and sleeveless tops. Still, I would have had extended my time there just to be with my little cousins and grandmother because I missed them so much.

With that said, I hesitated on wearing this sleeveless top and decided to just wear it with my denim pants rather than my short shorts. It still looked amazing especially with the thing I did with it.

Protip: You can tuck your tops in on denim pants or shorts to make it look lovelier and more fabulous.

Thank God for my bestfriend who took these pics of mine. (Hi, Kate!) So yeah, check out these photos!

Again, thank you for dropping by blog, loves.

Have a great day,


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