5 Important Things to Bring on your First Day in College

August 2, 2016

Yesterday, I gave some tips on being a college freshman student. Today, because our classes will officially start tomorrow, I decided to list down the five most important things to bring on your first day in college.

Let’s start!

1. Bag or backpack

This is a must. You don’t want to go to your classes carrying all your things with your mere hands. Also, bags would be entirely useful to organize your things, except if you choose a messy one, in which case, that depends on you.

As for me, I rarely use tote bags or shoulder bags. They often make my shoulders hurt. This is why I stick with my Jansport or Heartstrings backpack. Anyhow, it all boils down on the style you want and the personality that you have!

2. Notebook/Paper

Please do not forget this. You may be that techy type of student who chooses to take notes through their laptops, tablets or phones on class. Either way, notebooks or some papers will do you good because some professors actually ban phones and laptops on their classes. That way, you’re still armed with alternatives for taking notes and writing stuff.

Also for your information, there was a research that proves that writing notes on your notebook or papers gives you a better comprehension of your notes than when you use your laptops or phones. Speaking of electronics…

3. Phones or Electronics

Perhaps, in the past few years, it would be fine not to bring these but in our time today, they are important. You can also maximize their uses by taking a photo of your schedule so even if you lost the physical copy (but please do not), you still have backup. Furthermore, you can download apps like Merriam Webster to help you with some definitions or Any.Do to remind you of your homeworks or important events. There are actually many apps that can help you in being a better and more productive student.

4. Pens/Pencils

So you brought some brand new papers or notebooks but forgot to bring your pens or pencils? What good is that? These writing utensils are truly necessary. Who knows, some classmate might have even forgotten his or her pen and you might just be his or her life savior! Highlighters or pentelpens may also be useful!

5. ID

Our university lets us roam around our campus without wearing our IDs though they are really encouraging us to wear them. Although I don’t wear it much (because I’m afraid it might fall off and get lost), I still make sure it’s always in my wallet or in my bag. IDs are like the pass codes to everything – to entering the libraries or getting that student discount. I don’t know if your university implements the way ours do but I’m telling you, IDs are a must-have in your bag.

I could list countless things but those will sure be too heavy to carry for you on your first day. Hahaha. At the least, these are the most important things I suggest you to never forget on your first day. Goodluck and thank you for reading!



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What do you think is the most important of these five things? Do you have any other things in mind for a student to bring on his or her first day in college? Comment below and you might just save someone’s life!


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  • I am no college student anymore but I remember during my college days, I always bring beauty essentials such as, face powder and lip gloss, hihihi.

    • Yes yes, for real! Face powder and some lip balm are a must, at least for me. Can’t actually face the day looking so stressed, right? Hahaha! Anyway, thank you for your comment!
      – Myrra