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Junior Year Day 1, Check!

August 3, 2016

I have just arrived in my dorm right now and I’m feeling completely exhausted. I literally had to crawl my way through today but still, I’m glad it ended out right.

My schedule started so early at 7 am for our aerobics PE class but unfortunately (and somehow fortunately), our instructor didn’t come. We only had to sign the attendance and tadaah, we were dismissed! But then came the challenging part after that.

My friend and I got our forms from our college for our elective subject professor to sign. However, a faculty told us he was still on a trip abroad and will be back next week. So there goes our first task, which only meant we cannot officially be enrolled until next week.

After that, we had to ask one of our college professors to also sign the form but she asked us to do some things first. And then, I went to my Psychology class just to discover that my professor there was the one my friend had last semester and who she was always talking about how inefficient and boring the professor gets. She was definitely right though! I can already sense that I’m not going to completely like this subject that I have always wanted to take because I am so interested at it. What a let-down for today! I’m still going to think positive though and make sure to make this semester as fun, exciting, and successful as it should be!

Despite everything, God still has his own ways of blessing us with the things we need! When we get back to our college, after waiting for an hour and so, our instructor already signed the form we needed her to sign! It kind of consoled all my disappointments!

Another consolation my friend and I stick to today are the videos and humorous pictures of Game of Thrones, specifically Jon Snow! Gahd, we’re falling in love! 😁😍

MUST-WATCH: Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical (Full 12-minute version)

By the way, for today, I wore this denim skirt I just bought, a floral top, and the Harry Potter bracelet that we sell on our IG shop! Check it out and buy yours at Booklandia Charms! We are also giving 10% discount to our first 10 buyers! Hurry and order yours!

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Look at this fab bracelet!

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Here’s a selfie of my haggard self!

There you have it! My first day in this academic year, 2016-2017. Have a great day!


Yours truly,

Official Myrra

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What are the most challenging moments you have or had in your college life? Share them with me in the comments and we’ll talk about them!

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