6 Things Only College Dormers Would Understand

September 6, 2016

College life is the best but being a college dormer? Oh heck yaasss, it’s much better! Uhm… yeah, but sometimes, it’s just the worst.

  1. Curfew, curfew, curfew!

               This may be a great thing for those who come back to their rooms early to, you know, study and do their schoolworks… or better yet, sleep. But to those who are the YOLO type of students, curfew is just a big no-no. What with org works, group meetings, study groups, or parties, right? But to some though, “I ain’t got no problem, I got a late permit” right?
               Still, let me point out that curfew is still a good thing. Yes, it has its let-downs but sometimes, limitations are really necessary to keep us on the right track.
  1. Health is wealth but we still say yes to fastfood, noodles and canned goods.

               It’s not that we are overlooking the fact that we are endangering our health but sometimes, we just have two choices: these meals or not eat at all. When you are in college, there are days and nights that you’re just too exhausted to prepare or buy legit healthy meals. You’d actually rather sleep. (Lol!)
  1. Wake up early to get that place in your common CR/bathroom.

               Have you ever had this experience where you already woke up late for class and still, there’s no cubicle for you to take a shower? If you did then congratulations, you’re officially a dormer. Common bathroom’s are indeed a challenge for everyone of us.
  1. Turtlenet or slow wifi will always be a challenge as well.

               These are for the ones who depend on the internet connection of the dorm (aka me sometimes, when my cellular data isn’t working). You’ll probably just get used to that loading symbol right beside your tab or you’ll actually panic when you have to pass a paper online due at 12 midnight and the site’s still loading at 11:58pm. Thankfully, this still hasn’t happened to me though. DON’T let it happen to you.
And finally, even when living in a dormitory seems to be the worst, here are the last three things that may change your mind.
  1. You have your roommates. And somehow, that’s just everything.

               You have them to wake you up on days you think your alarm clock is not enough. You have them to ask about some school topics or questions that Google seems not to answer right. You have them to talk with when you’re feeling. You even have them to copy some of your best movies to watch or music to listen to. Basically, they’re just everything! Lucky for me, I have them right here with me.
  1. You learn to be independent.

               Whilst living on your own, staying on a dormitory could perhaps serve as a practice for you before you step out into the real world. It’s like having your own apartment except with many neighbors and that rent isn’t still much of a problem. You buy your groceries for yourself and clean your bed and closet with yourself. Somehow, those little things give you the mindset that indeed, you can be independent and that you can survive alone. Through this, you’ll be a much braver person when you face the world wherein lies the truth that you really are on your own.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, loves! Are you a dormer as well? Did you or did you not like your experience in it? I’d love to hear from you! Comment down your thoughts and we’ll talk!

Thank you for reading!





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