September 9, 2016

Hi there! First of all, I would like to thank my friends, Shaira and Denden, for being my official photographers while my mom couldn’t play her role because I’m away in college. The struggle of blogging just kind of doubled up now that college is here again. Here’s why:

  •  I can only bring my phone with me since bringing my SLR camera everywhere is just a bit of hassle.
  • It’s just quite embarrassing to take pictures everywhere since you never know when someone who knows you would pass by.
  • The choices of backdrop are just too limited. (I cryyyy 😢)
  • I am just. too. busyyyyyy!

Anyhow, I’m still here striving and alive! Aaaand… still blogging! Because blogging is life! 💕

jag jeans | h&m


And yes, here’s another style post I’ve taken before going to the library to bring back the book I’ve borrowed. As you can see, I still used it as props. Lol!

This post on staples meant me wearing black on denims! Oh how I love this combo. You all know in my previous posts (READ: Black is the New Black/Blues) how much I adore anything black and denim. It’s quite too obvious. Shame on you, self! Hahahaha!

I also love this backdrop we’ve discovered in the unused, kind of abandoned part of a building in our university. Very artsy! 😍

Thanks for dropping by my blog. Comment down your favorite pieces of clothing, staples especially, as well! Is it black and denim like mine as well? Let’s talk! 😁


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