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The Day I Start Vlogging

September 20, 2016

It isn’t because it’s cool or that a lot of people now do it that I started vlogging (video + blogging). Ever since I was younger, I have been captivated by videos/films and the process of making them. I had always tried shooting some videos and collecting photos that I would then collate into a video as a birthday present for my Mom (because as a kid, I couldn’t afford to buy one).

Now, however, the media have made it big into our world. It is somehow dynamically moving and influencing people although I wouldn’t say it is shaping the world because that would mean a whole lot different thing. And somewhere in the middle of it, vlogging has made its way to be recognized by people. Now, it’s almost the “talk” of the millennials.

With this said, I, as a millennial, together with my book buddy and college friend, Karla, decided to open a Youtube channel. This is where we plan to share and vlog about books, coffee (two of the things we love the most), and everything in between!

As I have posted here last Friday, we recently went to the 37th Manila International Book Fair. (An official blog about this will be posted soon) This Youtube video, our first ever vlog, is the summed up story of our MIBF 2016 experience. It also includes the mini-book haul of the books that we’ve hoarded and the books that we’ve won!

Here is the link: COFFEEBOOKLANDIA: Manila International Book Fair 2016 Experience

I hope you will like the video and subscribe to our channel. Your support means a great deal to us!

Thank you and keep on slaying!


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