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Weekend Date with my Mom + A New Must-Have App You Should Try!

October 11, 2016

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You all know how close I am to my Mom and how much I love her. It’s pretty obvious – from my Facebook and Instagram posts to my tweets of our conversations even to blog posts like this [READ: ], I am proud to say that I am my Mommy’s girl. It’s true – even when I grow old, I’ll always be her little girl and it’ll always be fine for me when she calls me “baby”.

This weekend, we had a wonderful date. And it’s my treat! I have the “Fave” app to thank for that.

Just last week, I downloaded the Fave app in my App Store. Honestly, I found it very useful and convenient to use. Fave app is a new social app that’s available on iOS and Android that lets you do more together with your favorite people. Using this app, you can plan your activities ahead of time such as dates, handouts with friends, fitness or gym activities, spa sessions, and many more. What’s great is that you can also invite your friends to the app and you may chat and easily reach each other. And yes, good news! The app lets you purchase meals or services with discount offers from the hundreds of partner establishments in your city*.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Download the “Fave by Kfit” app in the App Store or Google Play.


2. Complete your profile and check out some features!

Pokehunting? How fun is that? 😁

3. Enter your promo code.

Use my voucher code “FAVEMYRRAZEN” for a 10% discount on your first purchase!

4. Choose your offer and click “BUY NOW”.

Here’s a sample!

5. Confirm your purchase.


6. Redeem your offer by showing the app to the cashier or staff in your chosen restaurant or establishment.


*Note: The app only has partners in cities of Manila, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, and Singapore currently. But I hear they’re expanding their services soon!

I liked how the service was fast and very convenient. When my Mom and I got to the cafΓ©, all I did was present the app to the cashier and voila, our order’s been transacted.

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The Antiteasis Books and Brews is a very nice cafΓ©. Inside, it’s not really that spacious but there’s a big shelf of books that you might want to choose a book to read from. The service was also fast considering the short time span that we had for our orders to finally be served.

The offer that the Fave app provided for us is Two Bagels and Tea. My Mom and I wanted to try a variety of food so she chose Tuna Bagel and mine’s Ham and Cheese Bagel. There were honestly an overwhelming choices for teas to be served but in the end, we ended up with the two bestsellers of their shop – my Mom’s Raspberry-flavored and mine’s Wildberry.

Ham and Cheese Bagel! It was delicious!


My Mom’s Tuna Bagel somehow looked the same as the Ham and Cheese and it was honestly more delicious than the Ham and Cheese one.

My Mom’s raspberry hot tea came in this adorable little kettle with some sugar cubes. This was very palatable in the sense that my Mom, after an hour of finishing our meal, told me she could still taste it in her mouth. And she definitely, definitely loved it! She wanted to go back just for this one!

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My tea was this wild-berry cold one. It tasted really good as well, although judging from my taste, Mom’s order was still so much better.

Here are some more photos of our lovely afternoon date!

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That was it for this post, loves! I hope you remember to always keep your parents close because sometimes, we are so lost in growing up that we forget they are aging as well. Also, what are your memorable experiences with your Mom? Do you have dates as well? Comment below and share them with me, perhaps?



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I posted this today, Wednesday, and I know I was supposed to post it yesterday. I’m sorry, loves! Our dorm wifi didn’t cooperate so I had no choice but post it now. Thank you for reading. Keep being amazing!

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