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Why You Should Treasure your College Roommates

October 18, 2016

In college, you’ll realize that “no man is an island” indeed. You need people who have your back and who supports you no matter what. You need someone you can rant to whenever you’re so stressed of your exams or deadlines or someone who will listen to you as you let out your feelings when you get your heart broken. Basically, if you are lucky enough, your college roommate can just be that someone I am talking about.

1. They are not just your roommates; they’re family.

Even if you say that college living just forced you to be closer with your roommates, I’m pretty sure that you will be used to their presence after quite a long time. When you are also taking college away from home, it’s just normal to find some people who could temporarily take the places of your family and friends in your life. Except your roommates wouldn’t be temporary and they wouldn’t take their places, instead, they’ll probably take their own space in your heart.

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2. You can share some things with them.

May it be the heater you need for that hot cop of coffee or some shirt you need to borrow, they got your back. They’re practically sisters whom you can ask to borrow some things you need that you don’t have. Just remember not to take advantage of them and always ask permission to use their things, they’re also humans who can get annoyed sometimes!

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3. They will be ready to listen to you as you rant, gossip, tell stories, or let out your feelings.

You can basically have your own journal on your roommates. They will be willing to see you be a mess when your college crush is in a relationship already or cry so much when you just can’t take the stress anymore. And they will be there to comfort you and make you feel at ease when you thought you are alone in this journey.

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4. You can have your own alarm clock in them.

Yep, that’s right. If you’re fortunate to have a roommate who just wakes up too early or doesn’t even sleep at all then you have someone to wake you up when you’re too tired to get up from the bed in the morning. I have to tell you that there’s been a lot of times when my roommates saved me going to class late. And I’m very thankful for that.

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5. You can both talk about those professors you hate or courses you love. You’ve got advices from people who may see things differently from you.

This is what’s beautiful in having them. You are being opened to various perspectives and how they see some things are just as relevant as yours. You may also either adapt their good or bad habits but let’s say that you all have discipline when it comes to studies and life. Your roommates will make you a better person by letting you see what life can be in different ways. That’s entirely beautiful.

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6. They are forever.

Not all relationships may last long but these people who you get so close to during your college years may just be one of your lifelong friends. What’s great is that you all may take different paths and follow each other’s dreams but after some time, when you meet again, you’ll realize that they’re still the people who accepted you for who you are as a colleg student. And after such a long time, you’ll find out that some people just deserve to be in your life just because they stayed with you through a lot of things.

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To all my past and current college roommates, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Official Myrra

Can you relate to this post? Did or do you have the best college roommates as well? Comment down and let’s talk!

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  • Hi Myrra. Love this post! I have been out of college for a little over a year now, and I am still great friends with 2 of my roommates from college. I live with one of the again in Dallas right now, and the other one I just visited in Philadelphia! They really are like family, and even though we live thousands of miles away from each other, it was like nothing changed. I hope you are enjoying college!
    Great Post!
    xx Katelyn

  • Lovely.