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How to Reveal You Are a Blogger and Why You Shouldn’t be Ashamed of It

October 25, 2016
How to Reveal You Are a Blogger and Why You Shouldn't be Ashamed of It by myrrazenkate

It all started with an email from a lovely girl, who happens to be a blogger as well, writing me such a nice comment about my blog and the desire to collaborate with me. I couldn’t be more happy to accept and to start brainstorming ideas. The lovely girl I’m talking about is Myrra.

Myrra and I have many things in common: we are both students, not studying in our hometown/home country aaand we both have a blog! It happened to both of us that when we meet new people(and as you know when you travel or when you’re at college you meet A LOT of new people), the moment you want to say you have a blog, that “embarrassment” feeling arrives.Of course it depends on the type of person you find but in most of the cases, we usually wait to know better a person to tell them we are bloggers. This happens because, for experience, unfortunately people who are not into blogs, especially at our age, consider blogging as just a thing you do because you want to show yourself.. Or they just know about fashion blogs and they immediately make a joke about makeup or something (no rude reference to fashion blogs from our sides, we both follow loads of them!).

Anyway, in the end, we are proud bloggers, happy to have one and being part of this blogging world. That’s why we thought that, since there might be other people who have this same “prejudice feeling”, we could share with you a few tips on how to reveal you are a blogger and why you should not be ashamed of it:

1. Be convinced.

Whether you just want to say “ I have a blog” or if you want to tell more details about it, you should show you are proud and enthusiastic to have a blog. Actually it often happens that people would ask more about it and reveal themselves interested about what you write or why you started it and it’s always nice to talk with people who show interest on what you say!

2. Consider it as part of yourself.

In the end, if you have a blog it means you spend time on it right? Therefore, it’s part of the activities you do in your daily life. So if you don’t really know how to say that you have a blog, you could list it on the things you enjoy doing or on the activities you are busy with. It may also happen that it comes out while talking about a specific topic that the people you are talking with experienced it as well. As you can see, there are many reasons why the argument can come out, it’s just about taking the occasion 🙂

3. Share it on social media.

It helps, you know – getting the word out there that yes, I have a blog and yes, I am a blogger. Your friends and followers, whether or not they support you on your blogging journey, will definitely be informed that you own a blog. If you’re lucky and blessed with kind people in your life, some might just be your regular readers as well! Just remember not to make your posts just be all about YOU; it might annoy some of them. Once in a while, share some posts other people published that you think will be useful for your readers as well.

4. Know your niche.

Now this is something to note about. When someone asks (or even question or debate) you about what you blog about or what your blog is about, knowing your niche is like having the automatic answer that you can tell them. For once, you could say “Oh, my blog’s target audience is _______ so that’s why I post or write about _______ in order to help them or for them to find my blog useful.” See, makes revealing makes easier, right?

5. Accept the truth and accept who you are.

The hard truth is that some people, even with you taking the best effort to explain yourself, would still not be impressed on what you do and who you are. But as the common quote says “Write to express, not to impress”, this also implies that you should blog not to impress anybody. Instead, remember that a lot of people out there, online or offline, are still waiting to read your posts every day, week, or month, just because they admire you as a blogger and find yours posts helpful and interesting. That’s what matters the most – you being able to express yourself, share your knowledge, and maybe even inspire other people. So keep doing YOU, love!

And oh, uhm, did we already tell you that you’re beyond amazing and that you have so much potential in you? That’s right, you heard us, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Please do not hesitate to comment down this post, the both of us will check them out asap and would be glad to answer! Also, are you blogger who’s struggling to reveal yourself as well? How are you coping? Tell us and we’d love to talk with you!

This post is my first ever guest/collab post and I did it in collaboration with Lisa of From Dream to Plan blog. It was such an amazing experience, writing with her. Check out her blog here.

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  • Thank you for this post, Myrra & Lisa! This is so helpful. I have a blog for almost 4 years now but I am still not confident with it. I am a bit shy in sharing my blog posts especially on Facebook. I don’t have a Facebook page that’s why I only use my personal account to share some of my post. I am a bit hesitant because they might judge me. Lately, I am trying to overcome it especially that I discovered that I want to write about lifestyle and beauty. Although I have low quality photos and I am not good in expressing my thoughts in English, I still want to pursue blogging. Blogging is already a part of me. I love doing it not just because I want to show off. I just like to write and express myself. I am thankful that my friends and even my boyfriend supports me with my blog.

    I hope you can give me more advice and tips on blogging. Thank you very much! 🙂

    • Hello, Elaine! I’m so happy this post is helpful for you. Thank you so much for reading it and check out our blogs. I am also happy that people like you, who sees blogging as part of them, exist. I seriously think you guys are one of the best people in the world! My advice for you is to always always just follow your passion and follow where your heart says so. Just do the things you love without the permission of others because at the end of the day, what you think of yourself is what matters the most. We’re also constantly learning so don’t worry with some technicalities in blogging, they will come to you soon. We all start with nothing, in the first place. Goodluck on your future endeavors! And say hello from me to your friends and your boyfriend who support you on your blogging life. Take care of these people who accept you. They’re the best! Love, Myrra

  • I’ve been in the blogosphere for years now and I’ve never really felt confident with having a blog, especially because none of my friends are bloggers so they wouldn’t know what it’s like to be one so blogging is always off the topic. I guess that was hard for me that’s why I kept the blogger part of me a secret between the internet and me. But now I’m really thankful to my boyfriend who’s been really great and supportive of me, with everything, really. He made me feel confident and carefree! Now I’m able to share my blog on my social media accounts with no fcks given, charat! Haha. Thank you for this post guys! 🙂

    XX Nikaia |

    • That’s great to hear, Nika! If blogging is a part of you then don’t hide it for the world to see. We should always be proud of it! Hihihi. And you’re so lucky to have a boyfriend who are supportive of you. You guys are literally goals! ❤️ – Myrra

  • Thank you for this post Myrra and Lisa! I started blogging recently and actually, I’m a bit shy to share to other people, especially on Facebook(cos all people has facebook nowadays), that I have a blog.XD This post actually helped me a lot. Sana mashare ko na talaga yung blog ko palagi >.< hihihi
    More power to your blog guys!<3

    • Hi Mariah! Thanks for checking my blog out. I really hope this post has encouraged you to share your blog because everyone of us should definitely be proud of having one. Wag mo na itago sa sarili mo, girl! Irampa mo na pagiging blogger mo! Hehe. More power to you, too! – Myrra