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Makeup Then and Now + One-Brand Makeup Challenge with Rucy's Vanity

November 27, 2016

If I would be asked what’s the one thing I’m proud to be better of this 2016, it would be makeup. It isn’t the only one to be on the list but yeah, seriously. I’m not that good at it yet but I know I am a lot better in using it now than I did last year; just look at the difference!

As you can see in the picture on the left, in 2015, I barely even put my powder on. My eyebrows aren’t on fleek at all, especially because they’re not shaped that well, and I didn’t even know how to put my lipsticks on in a way that they’ll last longer. The photo on the left shows me with a faded lipstick because I had just eaten my dinner with my Mom.

But on the photo on the right, you can very well see that my eyebrow game has been quite stronger and that I already knew what lipstick shade is my fave – nude matte lipstick (because they look sophisticatedly natural on my face)! I also had an eyeliner on and had put some mascara to make my eyelashes stand out. Although it isn’t obvious in the picture, I also am wearing a natural shade of eyeshadows to make my eyes pop a little more. (P.S. Also, my hair got longer! Note: I have short hair now again. Hahaha! P.P.S. I got braces, too!)

As months pass by of me watching countless tutorials on Youtube and searching myriad how-to’s on Google, I can now finally say that I am better at putting makeup on. I am no expert at it, yes, but people do get better at something when they strive to be, right? So, I guess, someday, I may just be excellent at it.

Right now, though, I can only write about my go-to makeup using all the Rucy’sΒ Vanity products that they personally sent to me. (Thank you, Rucy’s Vanity!) Rucy’s Vanity is a Korean cosmetic brand that offers high-quality cosmetics here in the Philippines. And I swear, when I checked their site, I was totally shocked at how affordable their prices were! Their products, considering that they’re in great quality, are totally in for your budget, even for my weekly allowance. Yay! (Does this mean I’m going to hoard makeup now? Huhu bye allowance)

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So for my go-to makeup, I usually just use my concealer, pressed powder, eyebrow shaper, and lipstick. But when I feel like I’m not lazy for that day, I also use a mascara. Luckily, Rucy’s Vanity sent me some of those! And because this is a one-brand challenge, I’m going to use JUST those! No cheats, I promise!

To start off, here’s my bare face! (Don’t judge! Hahahaha)


I started off by putting Rucy’s Vanity Two-way Cake (Pressed Powder) with SPF 35 PA++ in shade Dark Beige. I super duper liked its finish because it oxidized quickly making it look so natural on my face. What’s more is that you can buy it for only Php250!

After that, I put on their Auto Eyebrow Pencil which is available in colors Black, Gray, and Brown. I got mineΒ in Brown. At first, I didn’t know that it was too creamy so it looked quite harsh on my brows but when I blended it, it actually looked nice!

The look with just the pressed powder and the pencil!


Ugh, don’t mind the pimples under my lips! Wrong timing! Lol (And my eyebags couldn’t even be concealed at all because it’s just keeps getting worse as hell week strikes! Hahaha!)

Then I went on to put the mascara. This was their best product for me. It’s hypo-allergenic andΒ water-proofΒ and it made my lashes longer and volumized. I liked its form because when I was putting it, it didn’t smudge at all!

And finally, the last thing I put was the lipstick in shade “Hot Pink”. It wasn’t my type of color as it was kind of bright but I thought, why the hell not try it? It turned out pretty good! I just did my usual lip technique which is patting a facial tissue on my lips after putting the lipstick so it would look natural on my lips.

Also, I am amazed that after 7 hours of wearing it, the makeup still hasn’t faded. WOAH, right?

I also liked their whitening lotion which only costs Php120.00. Unbelievable, right? Yasss!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

So here’s me being the weird me. Hahaha!


And here’s the final look!

If you’re wanting to buy makeup that’s super affordable without the quality being compromised, check Rucy’s Vanity’s links below!


Facebook: rucysvanityph
Instagram: rucysvanityph

And did you know that they’re having an online sale now. Check it out because who doesn’t love promos and sales?


Thank you for reading, loves!


Official Myrra


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored but all thoughts in this post are mine. πŸ™‚

Do you like makeup as well? What’s your go-to makeup products? Comment below, loves!

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  • Anj

    Parang maganda yung powder! Hahaha and Korean talaga yung packaging qt!!!!

    • Yassss! Yung mascara and powder talaga yung faves ko! Hihihi