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7 Things to Remember when Shopping Online + Zalora’s Online Fever 12.12 Sale

December 11, 2016
Zalora 12.12 Sale - myrrazenkate

A year ago, the idea of online shopping had never even been an idea to me. It just didn’t exist. No to online shopping. Just, NO. End of story.
I thought, “Why would I care to buy something and pay shipping fees when I can just simply go to the mall, buy some things, and just be done with it?”

But now, I think, that is absurd. Since almost everyone is now on the Internet, it’s just too hard not to fall for the technology’s easier way of shopping. Especially here in the Philippines where almost everywhere you look, there is traffic, shopping online is definitely useful. It saves you time that you can earnestly spend at home with your family. It saves you gas money or commute money because you won’t have to worry at all – all you have to do is choose, click, pay, and you’re good to go.

There is a downside though. Actually, there is a downside to everything. Online shopping is no exception. When using it, you have to wait. Sometimes for a day; sometimes for a week. Heck, sometimes, you could wait forever and it might not come (ugh, this is the truth; I’m not trying to jinx you).

That is why, trust is a a very big thing when it comes to online shopping. And, research, too. Here are some pointers on doing some online shopping:

1. Research about the brand and the site you’re thinking of buying from. As a millenial would say, “just google it”.

2. Read the reviews. A lot of other blogs out there do reviews on online shops. Take the time to read!

3. Check the site’s bio, about page, and contact details. Make sure they’re legit!

4. Check their images. Sometimes you could tell if an online shop’s fake if their images look like they’re just taken from Google images or sites like that. Be very wary.

5. See if they post some buyer reviews or thoughts. These help a lot, you know!

6. Also check their return and payment methods. Ensure that, if they gave you the wrong product or an item that is damaged, you can return it to them and have it exchanged with a new one.

7. If you really want to be sure then contact them before ordering. This might just save your life, I swear.

But of course, some online shopping sites are sure to be legit. Zalora is one of them. They have a good return policy and you are sure that your product is of great quality. I am saying this not because it is sponsored or anything, no. I am saying this because remember the big word – trust? Yes, I do trust them. Your online shopping experience is in good hands when it comes to them.

Now, because it’s almost Christmas, they have a huge online shopping sale! Starting tomorrow, December 12, to December 15, Zalora’s Online Fever is definitely on! Get Blockbuster Deals up to 70% Off!

Get your game on and be ready for these brands and sales!

  • ZALORA Men and Women up to 70% Off
  • Esprit up to 50% Off
  • Factorie up to 50% Off
  • Dresses up to 60% Off
  • Fashion Bags up to 70% Off
  • Everything at P699
  • Buy 2 for P1200
  • Everything at P1499
  • Buy 2 for P2500
  • Nike up to 30% off
  • Herschel up to 40% off
  • Sports Lifestyle Shoes up to 38% Off
  • Men’s Shoes up to 30% Off

You can also use my voucher code “ZBAP2GXS” for 15% discount off!Β See, I told you this is fun! 😊

Excited? I feel you! Shop till you drop, indeed.

Stay flawless, loves! Happy shopping.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and statements on this post are mine. πŸ™‚

Do you shop at Zalora as well? I’d love to know! Comment below, loves!

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