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January 18, 2017
Bare by myrrazenkate
Note: Tadaaaah! I’m back, loves! I’m sorry for suddenly being MIA on you, guys. A lot of things has been preoccupying my start of the year including the reconstruction of the blog. What do you think of the new look? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Bare by myrrazenkate

Sometimes, being bare is the answer. This doesn’t mean being naked and running around the streets with no clothes though. It’s about the other definition of “bare” – plain, simple, basic, pure.

This 2017, just like what you can interpret in this look, I would like to keep my life bare. I’m stripping myself of all the toxicity, negativity, stress, entanglements, loneliness, and anxiety that may come with everything that I may face this year. I understand, though. I understand the fact that these can never be completely removed from life. They are inevitable. They are normal.

But this year, I am going to at least try. That’s what’s important in the first place, right? Trying? Risking? Being brave even when uncertainty is standing just right in front of you? Going forward even when the path is just covered in total darkness?

So many people are so afraid of simplicity. So many couldn’t imagine their lives without the luxury, grandeur, fame, and fortune. So many couldn’t be happy just by simply realizing that they are alive, that they are breathing, that they are stepping on the grounds where people, whose lives were already gone, once walked through.

This 2017, I will be bare. I will pour out my heart and my soul to everything I do. Mediocrity is not allowed. I will remove the fear of being rejected or ignored and tell people everything I want to tell them. I will express my love and care for the people who may or may not be special to me. Just the fact that they have come to my life, even if they made it better or worse, owes my gratefulness simply because they have been a part of my life, a part of me. No more holding back. Enough of standing just on the edge of the cliff. This 2017, I will let myself fall from it. And I will soar. I will fly and reach the heights I never thought I could. Stop with merely dreaming and start doing.

I will always remember what Psalm 119:19 states:

I am here on earth for just a little while.

Live, my love. Live. Let your life be as beautiful and meaningful as it is.

shift dress sunnies gray fashion mural bgc - myrrazenkate

Taken at Bonifacio Global City! Their murals are amazing!

shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate

Dress: no brand | Shades: Sunnies Studios | Bag: SM Shoes and Bags | Shoes: Bandolino

shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate

shift dress sunnies gray fashion - myrrazenkate

And here’s Mommy trying to take her #ootd as my photographer. Lol!

shift dress sunnies gray fashion mural bgc - myrrazenkate

Get this look at Zalora and use my code “ZBAP2GXS” for a 15% discount!

shift dress sunnies gray fashion shoes - myrrazenkate

Have an amazing day, loves!



What are your goals this 2017, loves? Did you like this look? Let’s talk in the comment below!

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  • ann

    I haven’t seen your previous blog theme before but i can say your blog theme right now is so cool and minimal i love it ^^
    By the way you’re mom is so cool. ^^

    • myrrazenkate

      Hi Ann! I appreciate your comment on my theme! Thank you so much. I really did my best to make this blog look great so I’m glad you liked it. My Mom says hi and thanks! I let her see your blog and she says you’re pretty as well! 🙂

  • Love your new theme, Myrra! Totally love the look, and your mom’s, of course. All the best this 2017! 🙂
    XX Nikaia |

    • myrrazenkate

      Hi Nika! Thank you for checking out the blog! Also, I’d like to commend you on your blog as well. It looks amazing! I hope I can collab with you soon! – Myrra