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February 14, 2017
happy valentine's day by yours truly, myrra

Today is Valentine’s Day. I know some of you have been waiting for today because you’ve been wanting to celebrate today with your special someone or you were thinking that today is finally the day you confess your feelings to your long-time crush. I know some of you are happy to be with someone or feeling alone or even both happy and alone. I know some of you choose to stay indoors today, bake yourself some delicious food, and watch unlimited movies just to forget about the one who got away or the one who broke your heart. I know some of you are outdoors with your family or taking your pet out for a walk. I know some of you think this day is just socially-constructed or this day is just like any regular day.

Whatever it is you think about this day, whatever you do today, where you are and whoever you’re with, Happy Valentine’s Day, love!

If you are happily in a relationshipI am happy for you. I hope that you and your partner will have a long-lasting, unconditional love that would conquer everything the world throws at you. I hope that you both see each other as a forever-love and not just a temporary love. I hope that the both of you reaches your happily-ever-after, as cliche as it may be, because whether we believe in it or not, that’s just naturally one of our deepest desires as humans.

If you have just lost your special someone, I am empathizing with you. I cannot tell you that I know how hard it is because we all have our own levels and means of dealing with the grief and pain. Either way, my prayers are with you, encapsulating you in its powerful wings to bring you peace and acceptance that you’ll have in the right time.

If you have a crush that you’ve been wanting to ask out for a long time, go on and let me see you brave. Courage, my friend, courage! Love is always worth the risk.

If you are experiencing unrequited love, I hope you are genuinely happy. I hope that someday, the person you love will give you the love you deserve, the love you’ve always been giving out to the world without asking for anything in exchange. And if you two are not meant to be, I still hope you would find the love that would make you understand how love should be a two-way process and not just a linear one.

If you have just broken up with someone or if someone broke your heart, the world’s not ending yet. You may feel like it is but trust me, with the courage to accept things and move on (even if the pain is just utterly killing you), you are going to be fine. You will look back to this day someday and realize that God has reasons for everything and that He only wanted to teach you a lesson. Or maybe, He only wanted to take you out of a toxic relationship because as His child, He wanted you to have the best love, the one that’s worth living for.

If you still haven’t found love and you think it’s becoming too late, not everything is too late. Things happen in their own time and in their own place and although you have the will to control your life, sometimes you have to let go of anxieties and hope for the best. After all, hope is something we all need.

If you are single or if you think no one is ever going to love you, I am with you. I hope you know that you are deeply loved and this world wouldn’t be the same without your existence. You may not see it or feel it but you are a vital part of this universe. Without you, the cosmos would wreak havoc and the strings of life wouldn’t move exactly the way they must. I hope you know that your existence isn’t measured by the fact that you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but by how much love you give to the world.

Again, Happy Valentine’s Day, loves! Keep on being amazing and continually giving love to this world in need of saving.


Love lots,


How are you celebrating today? Let’s talk in the comments section, loves!

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  • This is a really great read! Would recommend this to friends who are feeling down about love (even if February 14 has already come to pass). 🙂

    • myrrazenkate

      Thanks, Jhanz! Hope you had a great Feb 14 as well (even with lovelife or not hehe)!