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Style Tips for When You’re Running Late

February 28, 2017
What to Wear when You're Running Late by myrrazenkate

Have you ever woke up and immediately panicked when you saw that you’re already late for class? You worry about getting there on time because you know in yourself that you take so much time prepping and thinking about what to wear. Well, you’re not alone because same here, same here! I have experienced this quite a lot of times ever since I’ve been to college because I usually sleep through my alarms and especially because I have 7:30 am classes. This is why I got your back!

Read on and keep in mind these style tips so you could look chic and put-together without compromising comfort and even with only 15 minutes left before class or work!

1. Dress it up!

Rock some PRINTS for your out of town adventures like @gnelsielee! DOUBLE TAP if you're excited for the long weekend!

A post shared by Lazada Philippines (@lazadaph_style) on

When you’re late, mix and matching the perfect outfit will take time. This is why wearing a dress is much more faster way to looking fashion-forward without looking like you just woke up. You may opt to pair it with some boots and voila, you’re good to go!

Shop this look:

Zanzea Floral Linen Mini Dress

2. Your denim jacket is a lifesaver.

Combine some black and denim for all your weekend adventures! LIKE for this versatile #OOTD!

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Denims are a sure way to instantly look fab so when you’re running late, you can just grab your denim jacket to cover up that perhaps unironed shirt of yours. You may also pair it up with an all-black ensemble for extra versatility.

Shop this look:

Women’s Classic Slim Fit All-matched Long Sleeve Lapel Short Denim Jacket

Zanzea Elegant Womens Romper

3. Statement shirts will never go out of style.

Hello #FriYay! LIKE for this comfy-casual outfit for all your adventures tonight!

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School doesn’t encourage to go all out every day with our fashion statements. Sometimes, we just got to keep it simple. In those days when you feel like simplicity is indeed beauty, choose to wear your statement shirt and tuck it in any high-waisted ripped jeans plus your sneakers and some cardigans if the weather requires you so. This outfit combo is totally a win-win!

Shop this look:

Loose Boyfriend Jeans for Women

SM Woman Creative Statement Tee (White) – NOW 50% OFF! ONLY P199!

4. Take it the Korean style.

Rock a PRINTED SKIRT to drive away those #MondayBlues! DOUBLE TAP and spread positive vibes today!

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Want to look like you’re living your own KDrama? Just take a white tee from your closet and a striped skirt to pair it. You can also add a cute sling bag that matches your outfit, yay!

Shop this look:

Blacksheep Striped Bandage Skirt (Black)

5. Culottes can be your best friend.

Pair your culotte pants with sneakers and a basic tee to achieve that Korean casual look! LIKE if you'd try out this look!

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Can’t get enough of Korean style and you know you only have minutes to look put-together? Then I say “hear, hear!” to Lazada Style in this post! Pair your oversized basic tee with your culotte pants and sneakers for an overall comfy-casual look.

Shop this look:

SM Woman Pleated Wide-leg Culottes (Black)


That’s it for this post for now, loves! Don’t let limited time stop you from unleashing the fashionista in you. But a little side note though: let’s get up earlier now, okay? 😅





Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored at all. All photos are credited to Lazada’s style Instagram account (@lazada_style). You may also click the pictures on the “shop this look” sections to buy them if you’re interested. 🙂

What will wear from these style combos, loves? Comment down and I’d love to talk!

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  • Love the tips, but #1 is my fave go-to look! Dresses are the easiest way to go. It makes me look like I’ve prepared so much for my outfit but in reality, it’s the opposite! Haha.

    xx, The Diary Queen

    • myrrazenkate

      True! Dresses don’t need much time and effort for someone to look fab! They’re totally a must on any girl’s closet! 🙂

    • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

      True! Dresses don’t take much effort and time for someone to look fab in them! They’re really a must on every girl’s closet! 🙂

  • Myrra, all I can say is thank youuu! Matching clothes when running late is really taking most of my time every morning. I am not into Korean style just because I don’t think I look good on them. But seeing how it will make my mornings easier, I should give it a try. Again, thank you!

    Xeph |

    • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

      You’re welcome, Xeph! I’m glad I gave you new ideas on what to wear whenever time is really not on our side. Hehe. Thanks for checking out the post! I’m going to check out your blog too 🙂

  • Elisha

    This is such a great post! Such a great tips who are really rushing to work sometimes! And it will really not obvious if any.

    Elisha |

    • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

      I’m glad you found my tips helpful, Elisha! Thank you for reading!

  • Your preferred styles are on fleek, I love it. And it’s very wearable for those common girls like me. Thanks for sharing the site.

    rej |

    • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

      Maybe that’s because I’m a common girl, too! Hahaha! Thank you for stopping by the blog, Rej!