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How to Still Look Fab in Baggy Clothes

April 4, 2017
myrra in wide-leg trousers pinto art museum

myrra in wide-leg trousers

Here’s the thing: loose fits and baggy clothes do quite look stylish sometimes. Some models wear them in or out of the runway and you can also see celebrities wearing loose sweaters or baggy pants. But another thing is that this kind of style has its pros and cons and it is vital, especially for us petites, to keep them in mind.

Let’s start with the cons.


1. Loose-fitted clothes can make you look sloppy.

Because they don’t necessarily stick to your shape and it may look like there is too much excess material, it has a possibility to make you look bigger.

2. Loose clothes can also make you look heavier.

This is because baggy clothes also add to the volume and dimension of your body so when wearing them, be extra mindful of this fact.

3. Baggy clothes can have a “shrinking” effect.

In photos or even IRL, when you wear clothes that are loose and not tailor-fitted to you, it has a tendency to make you look shorter.

But of course, we have solutions for this. We don’t have to avoid wearing loose-fitted clothes all our lives because trust me, they sometimes look great for your #ootd’s, too!

PROS (and things to remember to still look fab on baggy clothes)

1. Look chic when you pair them with the right things.

When you wear something too big and too loose for your body, you must complement it by wearing another clothing that’s fit and body-hugging. If you wear wide-leg trousers just like what I did in this ootd of mine, wear it with a tighter top. If you wear loose blouses then pair it maybe with skinny jeans or leggings.

2. Ironically, you can also look taller in them with this strategy.

I am a 4’11” to 5’0” but I looked taller on these pictures of mine where I wore this pants. Besides being wide-leg, it is also printed so it may really tend to make me look shorter. However, because it’s quite long for me, what I did was simply decide to wear my platforms that add up to my height. In this way, it’s not obvious that I’m wearing these sandals that’s making me taller because these baggy pants are covering them.

3. Loose-fitted bottoms, when high-waisted, make you look taller as well.

This is fairly self-explanatory because high-waisted clothings are a must if you are a petite. Apparently, they make your legs look longer.

Yay! I hope you guys liked this post and I hope that after reading this, you are not as fearful as I was in wearing clothes that are loose and big for you. After all, finding your style is experimenting on clothes that are sometimes way beyond what rules are set for your body shape, weight, or height. Worry no more, my loves!



What are some clothes, other than wide-leg trousers, that makes you look shorter and/or wider? Would you dare wearing them (again)?

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