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OOTD: Keeping it Basic in Black and White

April 7, 2017
Keeping it Basic - myrrazenkate


I don’t know why it took me so long to post this when, in fact, I took this OOTD last December 2016. Yes, you read that right – last year! It’s probably because I forgot that I actually drafted this post or I just was not sooooo busy that I didn’t even mind finishing it. Well, even though I still lack sufficient time right now because I still have an upcoming exam to review for, I miraculously wanted to share something on my blog (and also because I’m trying to strictly follow my blog schedule – Tuesdays and Fridays, that is).

So let’s get it on to this ootd!

Everything black and white is a must-have for my closet. Really, you can check out my dormitory closet and be surprised at how many black and white pieces I have.

Why then do I love these two colors? Simple. It’s because they are easy to mix and match and are almost appropriate at any occasion, any place, or anytime. For example, this ootd of mine is casual and comfy at the same time – great for hangouts with friends right? But, what if I change my sandals into some flip-flops, throw my hair into a ponytail, and wear some lighter-colored sunnies? Another nice beach outfit! Then, maybe I could opt for a school outfit in this black and white ensemble (except if my school is strict on outfit regulations such as not wearing shorts) and just wear a nice bomber jacket and pick my Jansport backpack – I’m good to go, right?

See, there are numerous ways to style black and white clothing that could help you be ready whatever circumstances life throws at you. Also, if you buy them as staples – for example, a plain black tee – I suggest you invest on quality brands so that you can use them for who knows how long. But for some simple outfits you’d love to dress up for, you don’t even need to buy such clothes that will cost you your whole monthly allowance or salary. That’s also a thing I love about black and white’s! You look elegant (and burgis) in them without even trying hard. Take this ootd, for example! I was just in a rush to buy a white off-shoulder top because my lovely roommates thought of going to a theme park in matchy-matchy clothes! Can you believe this top is only Php300 ($6)?




Eyewear: Sunnies Studios
Top: no brand
Shorts: Thrifted
Shoes: Parisian




Now go ahead and slay some basic black and white clothes, loves! Tweet me at @myrrazenkate or mention me in Instagram and use the hashtag #BasicsxMyrra so I could personally see how you wore this ensemble? Maybe, you could be my next style inspo?




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  • Why you are so gorgeous, Myrra? I can’t remember myself being that gorgeous. Anyways, love the outfit! I wish I could wear something like that in the office. You are sooo beautiful!

    Xeph |

    • Myrrazen Kate Sabater Consulta

      Omg! Thank you so much for the flattering comments, Xeph! You look so pretty as well though! Hihi. Stay happy! – Myrra

  • I totally agree that B&W are easy to pair with everything, which is also why they’re my fashion staples! BTW, sobrang cute niyong apat!!! (Quadrupleting? HAHA)

    Melissa the Mermaid ♥