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Student-Blogger Perks + Become a Lazada Seller Now!

May 4, 2017
Student Blogger Perks and Become a Lazada Seller Now - myrrazenkate

As a fashion blogger, it is my duty to post my outfits to serve as style inspiration for many girls out there. I also have to blog about the tips, tricks, and how-to’s relating to my blog’s niches which are fashion and lifestyle. But behind every blog post and Instagram shot is a student-blogger who’s also just trying hard to budget her weekly allowance just so she could invest on clothingΒ and brands that she could wear and post about. You may have once heard the statement: “Blogging is an investment.” News flash: Yes, it is. Blogging entails that you first have to buy things for yourself and then the story goes on.

But the good news is that we always have a choice either to make things worse or better. Well, of course, I’ll choose the latter. Here’s how I make the most of being a student and a blogger at the same time:

1.Β Being a student-blogger gives me the chance to have connections and friends within the campus who can support me and my blogging career.

Although sometimes I get too paranoid that people always have their eyes on me and just constantly waiting for me to make my mistake because being a blogger gives you a certain kind of spotlight, I still love being a student-blogger. My friends never fail to show their support in what I do and they’re usually the ones who will initiate the “talk” about your posts or share them on their own social media accounts. Trust me, this helps a lot as their shares help you reach a wider audience.

2. Being a student-blogger trains your time management skills.

It really is challenging to do both simultaneously – blogging and studying, that is. It requires youΒ to invest time and have lots of patience in your pocket. You will have times when you will have to sacrifice blogging first and just focus on your studies but there will also come times when you can enjoy the hustle of doing both. It’s all just a matter of how much passion you have for blogging and how disciplined you are in attaining your academic goals. Besides, this also helps you practice how you manage your time (which may feel somehow as if 24 hours are not even enough anymore lol) and how you use your time wisely.

3. Being a student-blogger provides you more chances to adventure the world and know who you are.

Particularly for a starting fashion blogger like me, it is kind of a requirement to reflect on who I really am so that I could mirror that into the styles and outfits that I wear. I am not saying that it is easy to find out who you really are and what you want to be – because even I am having trouble with that sometimes – but blogging is a factor to lead you on that path. In starting a blog, you will have to find your own voice which could help you be more certain in yourself and help you be more confident in talking publicly. You will also have lots of adventures especially if you’re a travel blogger and I know, students definitely love that!

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But as I have said earlier, being a student-blogger also requires not only for your time and patience, but also your money. This is where the challenge comes in. Good to know if you’re super rich that you can afford anything and just show it off in your blog but for most people like me, blogging is only a passion but it hasn’t still been a business where I could earn stable income.

That is why, what I’m planning to do is be an entrepreneur. My friend and I already have started a simple business in Instagram (Check out!) where we sell book/movie/tv-related accessories. However, I still feel incomplete about that. Since I have lots of clothes (because hey, I am not a shopaholic; I just am a fashion blogger and there’s a difference okay?Β 😂😂), I may want to sell some of my preloved items so I could earn and buy new ones. Practical thinking, right?

Now, I am introducing to you one platform that you may use if you are just like me who wants to be stylish but still practical. Here is *drum roll* the new Lazada Marketplace Program!

As you all know, e-Commerce is now totally emerging especially here in the country. Almost everybody now is after comfortability and time and fare practicality so they are turning to online shopping. Nobody wants to overcome the hellish traffic in Manila when they just want to buy one piece of clothing or something like that. This is what the Lazada Marketplace Program is for.

It is for the sellers and entrepreneurs out there who want to provide people with what they may need or want and earn income from it. Lazada started this for you guys to have a platform to sell and be an entrepreneur yourself. You just have to follow these three simple steps.

Lazada MarketPlace Program Steps for a Student Blogger Lazada MarketPlace Program Steps for a Student Blogger Lazada MarketPlace Program Steps for a Student Blogger

If you’re interested, click on these links and start selling! Have fun business people! πŸ˜‰





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