Yours Truly, Myrra is a fashion and lifestyle blog owned by Myrrazen Kate Consulta, a 19-year-old girl who’s passionate about writing, reading, blogging, and everything in between. This blog is not only just a blog for her. This is also her journal where she can write about the things worth remembering when the time comes that remembering is not that easy task for her anymore. This is her medium where she can reach out to the people who need tips, advice, reviews, or even some spark of motivation. This is her way of sharing to the world the things that interest her the most and perhaps, the things, places, and events that would interest her readers as well. And finally, this is herself connecting to you, her readers, to make you realize how loved, beautiful, and worth it you are.

Yours Truly Myrra - myrrazenkate

Myrra, as she is usually called, is currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Development Communication in the University of the Philippines. She aims to negate the entropy of communities by bridging their gaps on communication and also to empower them to become the individuals they are at their utmost potential. She wants to be a writer with a purpose and dreams of a life lived not only for herself but for others as well. Her articles have also been published in several platforms such as Candy Magazine and Thought Catalog. Most of the time though, you could see her in her bed bunk in her university dormitory sleeping, eating, writing, or watching movies/series.

She is currently residing in Manila, Philippines with her mom – the person she loves most in the world (well, next to God, of course). Right now, Myrra is still continually searching for herself as she gets lost in her books, adventures, words, and life. She believes that someday soon, she will find what or maybe even who she is looking for. By that time, she hopes she has already reached for her dreams and the dreams thatΒ her mother has sacrificed for her.

She hopes that by her writings, she has made a mark (even an almost invisible one) in your heart and has inspired and touched your soul because that, in the first place, is why she wrote them – for you.

Yours Truly Myrra - myrrazenkate

You could reach her in these sites and rest assured, she will try to answer and communicate with you as soon as possible.


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All posts and photos in this blog are mineΒ or under Creative Commons copyright licenseΒ unless stated. If a photo is not properly credited and you are the owner or if you have concerns, feel free to email me and I will reply as soon as possible. Thank you.

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