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Hi, loves! Let me tell you a little secret (partly not lol). I actually love it when people appreciate my work, words, and talent. Not to sound narcissistic or whatever but to be honest, every “you did a great job!” or “your article was so inspiring” boosts my confidence. It doesn’t matter if you have a constructive criticism on my work because for me, it also helps in my perpetual improvement as a writer and as a person. What matters more to me is that you gave a little part of your time to read my work and visit my blog. Because time is everything for me. It is something you cannot take back and it is something you lose every moment and for a person to spare a few minutes just to read my post, it really really means a lot.

Now without further ado, here is my blog roll containing the blogs I appreciate, love, and give time to. I am encouraging my readers to read and visit them as well because they’re the best! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

ThirstyThought by Kryz Uy | Fashion + lifestyle blog

Camie Juan by Camie | Travel + lifestyle + beauty blog

V ❤️ V by Vern and Verniece | Travel + lifestyle + fashion blog

Break My Style by Laureen Uy | Fashion + travel blog

From Dream to Plan by Lisa | Travel + lifestyle blog

This is Nichie by Nichie | Personal + travel blog

The Kelly Bytes by Kelly Jessica | Lifestyle + travel blog

KarenRoldan by Karen | Travel + lifestyle blog

Life + Adventures and Whatnot by Dianne Kathreen | Personal + lifestyle blog

Inbetween by Jamie | Food + lifestyle blog

Blue Scapes by Kai | Lifestyle + personal blog

Shoot Eat Write by Lady Auradelle | Personal blog

TheBaeBlogs by Bae | Beauty + personal + travel blog

Wild and Sassy by Elaine | Lifestyle + beauty blog

Sun-kissed Wanderer by Dianne | Lifestyle + travel blog

The Wallflower Secrets by Alissa | Lifestyle + travel + beauty blog

Ethereal by Nicole | Fashion + lifestyle + beauty blog

Baldyosa by Chardee | Food + travel blog

Jojomei by Mei| Lifestyle + travel blog

To the bloggers who I have included here, I am thrilled to have your blog in my blog roll. If you see any errors (eg. typos, wrong category, etc), please feel free to contact me immediately. I would love to hear from you!

To my readers, check these blogs out! Your little time would mean a lot to them! You could also recommend me some of your favorite blogs; I’d love to check them out!

All the love, Myrra