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7 Tips and Things to remember when you're stressed out
College Life

7 Tips and Things to Remember when You’re Stressed Out

School? College? Work? Organizations? With all the chaos of the present world, we forget that our body and mind also have their limitations. Stress out too much and there are great chances that you’ll suffer its consequences in the future. This post is for…

February 10, 2017

What It's Like Taking College Away from Home

1. You just can’t help but be homesick sometimes. You’ll think of home. You’ll think of what you would’ve been doing if you’re there and not here. You’ll contemplate a lot of things when you’re alone or when you’re staring at the ceiling at…

August 30, 2016
College Fashion Personal

Junior Year Day 1, Check!

I have just arrived in my dorm right now and I’m feeling completely exhausted. I literally had to crawl my way through today but still, I’m glad it ended out right. My schedule started so early at 7 am for our aerobics PE class…

August 3, 2016

ο»Ώ5 Important Things to Bring on your First Day in College

Yesterday, I gave some tips on being a college freshman student. Today, because our classes will officially start tomorrow, I decided to list down the five most important things to bring on your first day in college. Let’s start! 1. Bag or backpack This…

August 2, 2016